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The UFO Enigma once Again

A moonless night. The sky, a dark canopy hanging over my head. All is quiet in my peaceful corner of Pennypack Park. A far off humming attracted my attention. As I turned to identify the sound a blue beam of light pulsed  my way. Slammed into my chest hurling my body several feet barely missing a gnarled Spruce. This account might have occurred in any decade over the last eighty years. The same description by countless individuals of diverse backgrounds.  Reporting mysterious objects that they could not identify. Performing swift maneuvers with uncanny speed and accuracy. Yes, I am not among a splinter group yearning for New UFO Evidence. I am part a growing contingent of  citizen’s who demand honesty from our governments and our leaders.

A good friend of mine has a theory. As conceivable as any of the conclusions I’ve researched. He believes that some UFO’s are in a sense ‘time machines’ that transport a version of ourselves from the future to the present To learn from our mistakes. A remedial form of school to supplement our decisions.

In my novel ‘Psychedelic Prophet’. Special forces from a distant planet travel to Earth. Their mission; prevent an Evil Empire of Radical Muslims, from igniting a Worldwide Crusade between the Judea-Christian-Heathen Hindu’s and Godless Buddhists and the righteous freedom fighting Muslim factions.

A band of disenfranchised recruits assist a mysterious Messenger in spreading a new discipline throughout the world. Spin and Modulation Temples called Sphere’s are established in many cities. Jerry Garcia’s spirit along with live band members participate in the shenanigans. Check it out.

Now, space craft of alternative design, maybe two opposing Star of David’s, are what witnesses call a saucer shape. Whatever the shape they cruise our Solar System. Of that I am certain. Sophisticated time and space travel worthy vehicles must exist and in mass quantities. Consider if we had the know-how. Every family would own or lease a luxury ship. Each encased in a radial bubble to prevent motion sickness. A sleek design advertised by sexy models would make them, must have necessities in this new millennium.

So, Area 51, the United States Air Force; do we possess alien technology derived from a high-tech race of Dolphin’s originating on Cyrus Minor? It is gratifying. Establishing fantastic theories featuring creatures prevalent both in Greek and Roman Mythology. Do you have a better scenario?