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Glenn’s Books Psychedelic Prophet

It’s Northeast Philadelphia 2004. A clandestine agent from the stars, recruits a band of disparaged prospects, to help accomplish a mission. This envoy can heal the stricken. He manipulates the forces of nature, he gifts our planet sophisticated engines. He calls himself the ‘Messenger’

After his recruits turn him onto psychedelics and The Grateful Dead he conceives a new plan. Unbeknownst to him, unholy forces are plotting against him. The tragic death of a troubled new-found friend enables this agent to communicate with Jerry Garcia’s spirit. Jerry agrees to help him avoid bloodshed.
But there are many who want the ‘Messenger stopped, at any cost. These include, religious fanatics, a Black Caped Nemesis and a power hungry Realtor who has a personal score to settle.
Who is this influential character? What purpose does his visit serve?
And ultimately can this mysterious agent, along with Jerry’s spirit, avert a modern day crusade, preventing a global catastrophe?
Paranormal and political satire abounds in a story that touches every aspect of our harried lives! To purchase your copy of ‘Psychedelic Prophet’ go to psychelicprophet.com