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Tips on Warding off Shadow People

stop dabbling 

A lot of people draw the attention of shadow people by toying with occult practices and spiritualism. Don't get me wrong-- there is nothing wrong with training in the occult or spiritualism. The operative word there is 'training'.

positive energy

One thing paranormal investigators have concluded with regard to shadow people is that they tend to feed on serious negative energy. They are such dark spiritual beings; negative energy seems to attract them and keeps them coming back. In fact, it seems to make them even stronger.

call for protection

As soon as you feel threatened by one of these beings, invoke your guardian angels or spirits immediately. Call upon the divine source to embrace you in pure, white, protective light. Ask your loved ones, your spirit guides or any other spiritual beings you hold as protective and friendly to come and protect you.

nighttime protection

Shadow people are most likely to attack you in the night, when you’re lying awake or even asleep in bed. This is the most common time for them to get aggressive and the problem is that it can catch you by surprise. You should protect yourself in your room to prevent these attacks.

Listen & Learn

Many times, spirits are trying to tell us something. If your shadow person shows up only when you are playing a certain type of music, try listening to another style of music. Sometimes shadow people are annoyed by specific sounds or actions. Try changing things up.

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